Friday, May 20, 2011

New Bike

   I finally got my bike.  Been waiting for while.  Not really that long, but it seemed like forever after they shipped it to Britton's Bikes it TX.  It's a Focus Izalco Team 2.0

   This thing is awesome.  I think I fell in love with it with in one block of pushing the pedals.  It felt like I was on a rail and it just wanted to go fast.  So after I established that it was stiff and loved to go fast I wanted to put ride comfort to the test.  I quickly started finding some pretty nasty assault to my surprise, and satisfaction it was quite comfortable.  I rode it last night at the Thursday Night Worlds.  Felt pretty good really.  Towards the end my gears started skipping.  So I tuned it up today.   I'm going to put 90 to 100 miles on it Saturday, so I'll see how it handles on the long haul. 
  Other than that it is a Dream to ride, a site to look at, and I love it. 

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