Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farm House Classic

Did the Farm House Classic this past weekend.  It was my first Gravel Experience.  It was 93 miles.  6:55 of pedal time.  6:48 from start to finish.

Farm House Classic Gravel Grinder by ty.trammell at Garmin Connect - Details

I was kind of just in survival mode after 60 miles.  The front shifter was broken so I was stuck in the big chain ring the whole time, 46 tooth.  I felt pretty good on the climbs surprisingly.  I think I did a good job fighting off dehydration and cramps.  I took some Sportlegs, and Salt Stick before the ride and some more after about 3hrs.  I think this really helped.  I never had a single cramp.  I also ate shot blocks for the first 70 miles till I ran out.  I had a Coke at 30, and 70 miles.  I also ate some beef jerky for protein.   Then I bought some gummy bears and orange slices to continue with something to eat for the last 30 miles.

I rode in the last 40 miles with Eric formally with Bike Shack.  It helped to have someone to ride with.  Very dirty.  Everything was filthy. 

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