Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tour of Lawrence

The main thing I got out of these races, are training and tube selection.  I've read that about 10hrs a week is the cut off for training.  At least seeing good results.  If you get under that you need to do a lot of high intensity most likely with structured intervals.  I could tell the first part of spring I had pretty good recovery after a hard attack.  Now I don't have as many matches to burn.  I haven't done any intervals except for one week.  So proof is in the pudding. 
  As for the races I didn't do very good on the ckt race,  mainly because of the hill.  I think going back to my training.  I have lost any hill ability I had built up in early spring. Just don't have the power.  So I go around 27th at the ckt.
  The crit went a lot better.  It's pretty much a fat boy crit.  Basically no elevation to speak of.  I felt pretty good most of the time.  I went for a $50 prime.  It was close enough that they had to check the video and I lost.  Then I was sitting in 3rd position on Gracen Warrior's wheel going around the last corner to the finish.  Just getting ready to start putting the hammer down and my tube popped. and I went down.  I pretty much had 3rd guaranteed. 
  This is the second time this happened to me with latex tubes.  After talking to some other people I guess they are know for popping easy.  So won't be using them anymore. They have cost me two races now.

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