Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've got a follower and I'm getting Wheels

Hey Congrats and thanks James for being my first follower. I'm sure you are the first person to read mine as well. I hope to put some clear thoughts down.

Well Britton has been helping me buy look at wheels. I think I've tried about four pairs now and it's starting to be like testing cologne. Really it's been great though.
First tried the Velocity A23's. I really liked these wheels. They are super light and strong. They have a wider rim 23mm so the tire makes more contact with the rode.
Next I tried some Shimano RS Eighty's. These were really cool, with a 16/20 spoke count. They are also carbon with aluminum break surfaces. I was nervous about them at first because I'm 185lbs. They were stiff and rode pretty nice. I think they look pretty cool as well.
Then I rode the Velocity Victory 30's. These were fine. Looked pretty. I raced them on Sunday's Dam race.
Now I'm trying the Ritchey WCS Zeta wheels. These are pretty cool and right now I'm leaning towards these. They have the sapim spokes with 16 front 20 back. I haven't had a chance to ride them outside yet, but plan on it tomorrow.
For the most part I really liked all of these wheels, and will have trouble deciding what to go with. I looking at weight, bombproofness (that's a word), and cost. So it's still a hard choice.

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