Monday, March 7, 2011

First race of the Season

Perry Road race series.
This was my first race of the season. It was also my first Cat4 race. It was about 25 miles, 5 laps with a good hill.

The first lap we were pretty much all together. The second lap I think a break started. I didn't really realize it until we got down on the dam and Charlie said something to me. Michael Ellis and I were not really worried about it. Then Charlie said something about an In-a-Tub guy was in the break and that one of his teammates was sitting on the front of the group just sitting up. By the time we got around the corner heading down low Charlie came rushing by and I jumped on his wheel. I thought, "Yeah we're gone". It didn't last long and the whole group was on our wheel. So I fell back and sat in. There were a few more attacks here and there. I jumped on some. One time two of us were of the front, some guy from South Dakota, but that didn't last long either. Then the next thing I know Three of us, the South Dakota guy and an older guy from Molle (Blue Springs). Were off and clear. I didn't even realize it for a few minutes. Then we started hammering to catch the other group. We didn't catch them till the end of the 4th lap right as we started up the hills again. Once we got on they started putting the hammer down again. I was good util we got the hill climbs. When we went around the corner for the last leg of the climb, I didn't have much left and lost them before the top of the climb. Six guys in front of me. I chased them down as hard as I could for the next lap but couldn't get to them. I still ended in 7th place. I was happy with that. Overall it was a blast, with lots of Colavita Loven' out to cheer us on.

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