Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Begins with a two race weekend.

I did two races this weekend. Saturday was the third installment of Spring Fling and Sunday was the final round of the Perry Road Race series. I raced both days, and felt pretty good. The weather was drastically different for the two days.

Spring fling was rainy and they foretasted rain, but I felt obligated to go. I wanted to go after it again. I was fortunate and able to get 1st place again. I took the first prime. Then there was a little break and someone got off of the front of that break. me and one other guy chased them for a lap or so we tried to get a kid from Velotech to help but he has spent himself sprinting for what he thought was the prime (turned out to be nothing). When we got done around to the finish line they called out for the prime. So I had a lap to recover and try to get it. Well the guy off of the front got it, but I second. Once it started pouring on us they called out last lap. The young kid from Velotech took off for the finish at turn 3. I didn't figure he would make so I let him go. I followed John Williams (CowTown) around turn 4 and put the hammer down. I got third accross the line. The Velotech kid was too far up to catch and the guy off the front was a quarter lap ahead or so. I was still happy I got enough points to get first.

I got 7th at Perry. I really wish I would have tried for the KOM. I just figured I wouldn't be able to get it. Then a break formed with 6 people that did think they could get it. Kenny from our team went. He is a junior. I was in the pack behind them. there weren't very many people in our group that wanted to work. I found I could beat them to the top of the climb. After make almost a full pull across the dam and part of another one on the last lap, I was read to dump some dead weight. There were two of up front, a guy from santefe cycling. I said once we get around the corner to go down be hind the dam lets hammer it and drop these guys. I think a couple will come with us. We got 5 guys together and took off rotating pulls. So we had at least the top 11 there. When we got to the final corner up the hill I hammered ahead of the guys. Two came up with me. On the false flat I recovered got in my small ring. Once we started up the steep part, I felt really good so I nailed it dropped those two guys and got 7th.
I felt pretty good at the end and wish I would have gone for the KOM. Oh well. It was still a good race.


  1. I had to leave early and was not able to see the finish, so I am glad that you posted the results here. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. You're an animal, keep up the good work.