Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Fling #2

Well I did Spring Fling Crit race this past weekend. This was the 2nd one of the series and the 1st one I've ever done.

I did the Men Cat 4 and the Men Cat 3/4.

I was pretty excited I got 1st place in the Cat 4. This is my first top three finish. The race consist of 2 primes and the finish. You get points towards win by how you do in the primes. 1st through 4th get points in the primes. 1st through 8th get points at the finish towards placing. I like it because it makes the race more exciting. You have to go for the primes to to get a good place.
I got 4th in the first prime and 1st in the 2nd prime. On the first prime as we were going around the corner to head to the finish I was getting the finish line in my sites when I noticed someone coming right into me. They didn't make contact, because I went off in the grass to avoid collision. As soon as I went off and realized I was good, I decided I'm still going for it. So I bunny hopped back up to the road. It was about a 2 inch lip back to the road surface. Then I started grabbing gears, put my head down, and hammered it. I barely caught a guy to get 4th. I payed for it too. My heart rate went up to 198. The highest I've seen all year is 192. It took a couple of laps to recover.
Then on the next prime I was about 5 or 6 back and I got on my teammate Charles's wheel. He was a guy named Travis's (from Ethos) wheel. About half way there I hammered around Charlie and kept at till I just barely got around Travis a little before the line.
So now I've got two primes and I'm feeling good. Need a little recovery before the finish. Towards the finish. I was back a little too far and started making a move a long the back stretch before the last corner. Then once we got around corner just started hammering down to the line. I finished between 3rd and 6th not sure really where I was. There was a pretty good bunch at the finish. All I know is it was enough for 1st. Which I didn't know until the results were up.

I did have a strategy. It was try to take all the primes and the finish. I guess I didn't quite do it, but it worked.

Then I did the 3/4's an hour later and held on pretty good. They have three primes instead of two. I decided to go off the front by my self after the 3rd prime. I made it about 1/2 to 3/4 of a lap before they caught me. I was pretty toasted by then. I stayed with the group till the end and finished around 15 or something.

These new pedals I think helped along with these wheels.

I rested and planted broccoli and cabbage on Sunday. Before I knew about the snow coming. I got them covered. I did about an hour of recovery spinning on the rollers later that evening.

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