Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fling Numero Quatro.

I did Spring Fling #4 this past weekend.  It was a little different than the others. It snowed on us almost the whole time.  It never got very wet on the ground though. There were only about 14 people.  I got 3rd, I'm good with that.

Right off of the go there was an attack.  I wasn't going to chase it, but no one else was going and I didn't want a break getting away with out me in it.  So this happened a total of 3 times before the first sprint.  I chased all of them.  No one else wanted to help.  I was tired for the first prime, but was still able to take it.

Right after the prime some guys wanted to go for a break.  I was maxed out but tried anyway.  We had strong guy jump way out in front of us and say lets go.  It was more like an attack instead of trying to help us.  We had about five guys, and nobody was organized at all.  They were a mess.  The group was right on our wheel so I sat up thinking these guys aren't going anywhere.  I should have stayed on because they did.  There was a Velotek guy in the break so ones in the main group sat up.  So basically Kenny and I did all the work.

By the time the 2nd Prime came around there were only three left in the break, so there was one point left.  I was going for it, but didn't realize that Grant from Velotek was right on my wheel.  He go around me and got.  Not sure if it would've helped me or not since 1st and 2nd place guys were in the Break.

Bobby from VeloTek got second and is second for the series.  Some guy from Tulsa Tough got first.  I got 3rd for the race and I am sitting in 1st for the series.  I hope I have more teammates show up next week.  It felt kinda lonely out there.  

Cat4 14 Starters
Place Bib Name, Cat, Age, Team, City, State
1 151 Jordan Haffener,5,21,Tulsa Tough Racing / 1 151 Tulsa Wheelmen Man
2 121 Robert Brigman,4,27,GP VeloTek Lawrence,KS
3 143 Ty Trammell,4,35,Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee Kansas City,mo
4 105 Richard Weis,5,41,Localcycling.com Olathe,KS
5 103 Grant Harrison,4,27,GP VeloTek Lawrence,KS
6 137 Robert Englert,5,17,Colavita/ Parisi Kansas City Shawnee,KS
7 109 Matthew Kassawara,4,31,GP VeloTek Lawrence,KS
8 106 Hector Soto,3,36,Renaissance Cycling Kansas City,MO
998 102 David Romisch,4,46,GP VeloTek Overland Park,KS
998 107 Myron Michael,4,51,GP VeloTek Overland Park,KS
998 117 Michael Rost,4,48,GP VeloTek Lincoln,NE
998 138 Kenneth Englert,4,14,SKC Racing Shawnee,KS
998 145 Ryan Kelley,4,29,GP VeloTek Overland Park,ks
998 150 Aaron Stull,4,18,Epic Cycling Team Parkville,MO


  1. Nice job, sir. I keep getting scared by the weather so i end up forgoing the drive to lawrence and instead just ride around kc. on the plus side i finally made it out to swope to do some mtn biking. it's awesome out there.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I was wondering if you had made it out there, glad to see you did and once again did well. All that training over the winter is paying off.